Support the Prenatal to Three Collaborative

The three leading organizations have developed a plan aimed to achieve the Prenatal to Three Collaborative state policy goals. Each focused on their area of expertise: ensuring Texas children are able to begin life with a strong foundation, children and families have equal access to health and early learning supports in their communities, and early childhood systems are aligned, coordinated, and well-funded. Click the button below to view and download our state policy agenda recommendations.

The inaugural 2020 Roadmap from the Prenatal-to-Three Policy Impact Center provides baseline information on the current status of each state’s prenatal-to-3 system of care and will be updated annually to monitor:

  • states’ progress toward adopting and fully implementing the effective policies and strategies;
  • changes in the generosity of state benefits;
  • progress toward serving all children and families who are eligible for state benefits;
  • changes in the overall wellbeing of children and families in each state; and
  • efforts to reduce racial and ethnic disparities in outcomes.

Let your voice be heard.

Click the links below to access each organizations advocacy center to let your voice be heard this legislative session.

Click here for the action center.

To send drafted letters to your policymakers, click here.

View full list of actions you can take today, click here.